Who are Evolveras Racing?

Who are Evolveras Racing?
September 9, 2016 admin.adstream

Who are Evolveras Racing?

– interview with skipper John Back

Evolveras Racing are doing their debut on the M32 Scandinavian Series this week – but the home town skipper John Bäck from Stockholm is far from a rookie. We caught up with John on the second day of racing in Stockholm.

Hi John, tell us about your sailing background?
“Like many others I started out in the optimist as akid. Later I moved on to the 420, started sailing F18 when I was pretty young and that is probably the class I’ve been most active in. When the SeaCart 30 was introduced a couple of years ago I sailed that class a lot and I’ve also done a lot of match racing with my team.”

Tell us about your team in this event – who are you sailing with?
“I sail with David Johnsson, Damien Garbowski and Johan Olsson. David is very experienced and has been active in professional circuits like the RC44 Class and he sailed with Alite who won the M32 event in Stockholm last years. Damien is a young Australian who has sailed M32 a lot back home in Perth. Johan works at the M32 boatyard on Hönö, he knows every last detail about the boat as well being a great sailor.”

How do you like sailing the M32 and why do you want to compete in the M32
Scandinavian Series?

It’s a lot of fun and we really enjoy it. Of course it’s very new for us since we haven’t sailed together before and I haven’t skippered the boat before. It takes some time getting to know the feel of the boat. So far we have perhaps been a little bit to careful in this regatta but I think we can step things up. I have taken a break from sailing the last two years but now I am hungry to get back and I wanted to sail on our home arena here in Stockholm. If you want to sail multihulls, I think the M32 is where the action is right now in Sweden.

You are sailing against some of the best sailors in the world, what do you think about the competition?
It’s really tough and our expectations coming into the event were pretty low considering the teams we are up against. The rest of the fleet have a lot more experience sailing M32:s. Still, I think we can be proud of our results in the first couple of races and it would feel great to get a couple of top-three results today and tomorrow.

What are your goals for the future?
I hope I can find a team of sailors who are based in Stockholm so we can train a lot together and the goal is to join the M32 Scandinavian Series next year. We have a sponsor for this event in Evolveras, an accounting consultant firm based in Stockholm. We are very grateful for their support and we hope they get a good kickback from their engagement this week. For next year we are looking to partner up with a sponsor for the whole season.

Age: 29
Lives in: Stockholm
Home club: KSSS
Favourite sailing memory: My first Archipelago Raid five years ago when we were given a rookie of the year award.