Carbon Construction
with Superior weight and
racing performance -
designed for speed
and tight racing

The M32


The M32 is designed to be long lasting and competitive. The one-design class rule makes the M32 and its cutting edge design affordable for many. The M32 cat is sailed by a crew of four to five. It is designed for racing and has speed enough to beat 40-footers.

The M32 is a speed machine and doesn’t need a jib which would just create too much drag reducing both speed and manoeuvrability. The stripped down M32 sail configuration with a main and a gennaker is just what you need to bring the extraordinary speed and manoeuvrability from an

extremely light and stiff platform. The M32 asymmetrical foils create the perfect amount of lift and stability, making the hulls skim the surface.

Easy assembling & transportation
The M32 is designed to be easy to assemble and tow after an ordinary car. The specially made two-piece mast and the bolt on beams makes the assembly really quick and easy. Two complete boats with spares and equipment fits in a 40’ container.



The M32 is designed with forward buoyancy for the simple reason to prevent nose diving which only creates drag and just killing speed. The fact that water is 800 times more dense than air explain the importance of designing to minimize the drag of the wetted surface and waves.

The fact that the M32 floats above the water, instead of trying to penetrate the water, makes a difference in keeping the boat in the groove. In most newer designs the bow goes to deep in the water and the hull wants to drive straight instead of allowing the driver to turn the boat to achieve proper sailing angle. This difference is very noticeable in the design.


Designer: Göran Marström / Kåre Ljung
Built by: Aston Harald Composite AB
Length: 9,68 m
Width: 5,54 m (incl. racks/side wings 8,35 m2)
Main: 53,6 m2
Gennaker: 59,5 m2
Weight target: 510 kg (incl. sails and min. equipment)
Mast height: 16,8 m

The M32 is a 32-fot open cat usually sailed by a crew of four to five. It is designed for both racing and speed crusing possible to beat a 40-foter in speed.

  • ”After playing around on a M32 Catamaran in Sweden last year I found my next boat”

    – Ken ReadCEO North Sails & VOR skipper
  • ”This is the most exciting boat ever”

    – Fredrik LööfOlympic Champion